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Evil Eye Symbol

Article: The Significance of the Evil Eye Symbol, and What It Means To Wear a Diamond Evil Eye Pendant

The Significance of the Evil Eye Symbol, and What It Means To Wear a Diamond Evil Eye Pendant

Seen on a veritable who’s who list of the Hollywood elite from Cara Delevigne to Rihanna, evil eye jewelry is definitely one of 2022’s hottest trends. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik sported matching bracelets that featured the symbol in 2020, and that same year the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was also seen wearing it in the form of a blue topaz pendant. But what is the evil eye, and why is it used so extensively in jewelry? Discover what the evil eye is all about and what it means to wear a diamond evil eye pendant from us here at Suzanne Kalan below:

What is the evil eye?

The evil eye revolves around the supernatural belief that an envious or jealous person can curse someone else through a malevolent glare. It goes back about 5,000 years to ancient Ugarit, predating both ancient Greek and Roman times of classical antiquity. This belief can be found through various cultures and religions, predominantly in the Mediterranean region, where it continues to persist and be widespread today.

Many people believe that receiving the curse of the evil eye will bring about injury or misfortune, often to those unaware. It is believed that it can affect both humans and animals; innocents such as children may also fall prey to the evil eye. Around 40% of the population of the world believe in the evil eye, prompting attempts to ward the curse off or protect against it entirely.

Belief in the evil eye is strongest in central, south, and west Asia, east and west Africa, central and Latin America, and Europe, especially in the Celtic regions. It was also brought to the Americas by immigrants from west Asia, as well as European colonists.

Evidence of belief in the evil eye can be found in the Islamic doctrine, based on the words of the prophet Muhammad, who stated in Book 26 of the Sahih Muslim that “The influence of an evil eye is a fact”. Jews also believe in the evil eye: it is mentioned in the Pirkei Avot, a collection of ethical teachings from Rabbinic Jew tradition. The evil eye is also mentioned in the Bible, particularly in the eleventh chapter of the book of Luke.

Protection from the curse of the evil eye

The evil eye symbol often worn as jewelry is called nazar. The term is derived from an Arabic word نَظَر, which means “surveillance” or “sight”. When worn as an amulet, it is said to protect the wearer against the curse of the evil eye.

Typically, it is made out of handmade glass with a design of concentric circles in dark blue, white, light blue, and black that forms the shape of an eye. In modern jewelry, the amulet can also be crafted out of precious metals such as gold or platinum, with sapphires, diamonds and other blue-hued precious gemstones forming the distinctive eye shape.

In Armenia, the talisman is also called char achq, meaning evil eye. In addition to being extensively used in bead jewelry, char achq disks can usually be found hanging inside homes and vehicles as a protective measure.

Wear a diamond evil eye pendant from SUZANNE KALAN

You, too, can find comfort in the protection offered by a char achq by wearing one around your neck in the form of a diamond evil eye pendant from Suzanne Kalan. You can find a wide variety of them in our Evil Eye Collection.

For a subtle accent that pairs well with any outfit, we suggest this mini evil eye dark blue sapphire pendant. It can be made out of 18 karat white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, and features a 0.18 carat, 3-millimeter round dark blue sapphire center stone, surrounded by 0.21 carats of white diamonds. With a total dimension of only 12 x 13 millimeters, this is a beautifully dainty diamond evil eye pendant for the elegant woman (or man!) with an understated sense of style. Alternatively, you can also go for the mini evil eye turquoise pendant instead. Instead of a dark blue sapphire, this diamond evil eye pendant features a vibrant 3 millimeter round sleeping beauty turquoise center stone.

For those who prefer colors other than the standard blue, we also offer diamond evil eye pendants featuring emerald or pink sapphire center stones. Check out this large evil eye emerald half diamond pendant, our thoroughly modern take on the ancient symbol. It features a 0.70 carat, 6 millimeter round emerald stone that is surrounded by 0.27 carats of round white diamonds and 0.50 carats of baguette diamonds. It is the largest piece in the Evil Eye Collection, with a dimension of 24 x 18 millimeters, and is available in yellow or white gold.

For more evil eye diamond pendants and jewelry, peruse our Evil Eye Collection now.

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