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All About Pink Sapphires: Rarity, Value, Symbolism, and More

Article: All About Pink Sapphires: Rarity, Value, Symbolism, and More

All About Pink Sapphires: Rarity, Value, Symbolism, and More

Our pink sapphire necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are some of the most exquisite finds on our website.

Yet they are surrounded by a unique mystique, perhaps not the least of all because it often comes as a surprise that sapphires are not always blue!

So let’s clear up some of the mystery surrounding pink sapphires so you can fully enjoy these gems (literally and figuratively) all the better.

A Rose by Any Other Name: Sapphires Aren’t Always Blue!

Sapphires are a variety of the mineral corundum, which itself is a crystalline variety of aluminum oxide.

Most think of the color blue when they hear the word sapphire. Truly, corundum is often colored blue because it contains trace amounts of iron and titanium which result in its blue color.

However, sapphires aren’t always blue. Sapphires can also be yellow, green, orange, brown, purple, and of course, even pink. Sapphires that are not colored blue are often referred to as “parti” or “fancy” sapphires.

The “pink” in pink sapphires comes from a higher chromium content. There is even a rich pink variety of sapphire from Sri Lanka which is known as “padparadscha.”

It is also interesting to note that, while sapphires occur naturally in a wide range of different colors, rubies are also a form of the same mineral, corundum - although rubies, of course, are red.

Are Pink Sapphires Rare?

Pink sapphires, which range in color from light, rosy pink to a deep, almost bubblegum-like color, used to be exceptionally rare. This, consequently, resulted in commensurately high prices.

However, more recent, larger deposits of pink sapphire have been found in Madagascar, which has somewhat influenced the global supply.

Nonetheless, pink sapphires are still fairly rare and exclusive.

Do Pink Sapphires Carry Any Symbolic Significance?

Like so many other gemstones, pink sapphires are steeped in symbolism. One of the most striking aspects of pink sapphire symbolism has to do with pink representing the power and compassion of the feminine energy, in a less aggressive manner than the color red.

Others see these pink stones as symbolic of love, emotive complexity, compassion, and gentility. Those who believe these stones are symbolic of love see them as fitting gifts for wives, girlfriends, and other special loved ones, for important life events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

On the same note, there is a growing trend to give pink sapphire rings as engagement rings. The stone may just as well serve as a symbolic intonation of eternal love and devotion, making it ideal for this purpose.

There is also an argument that the light pink color of these types of sapphires represents truth and integrity. Additionally, these pink stones have sometimes been symbolically compared to lotus flowers, which themselves are indicative of wisdom and innate knowledge.

Another symbolic trend lends itself to interpreting these sapphires as charms of protection and luck. Some of our pink sapphire necklaces bear “evil eye” charms, which are said to protect against negative energies.

How to Assess Quality and Value in a Pink Sapphire

There are many ways to assess the value of sapphire jewelry, pink or otherwise.

One quality that can impact the value of the sapphire is the color pink. These sapphires range in color from light pink, almost the color of rosé wine, to deep magenta, nearly as dark as a ruby. This is a subjective measurement, however, as different colors will appeal differently to each individual.

Just as with other stones, clarity and cut will also impact the value of pink sapphires, with more complex brilliant cuts being more expensive. Many of our examples are completed with baguette-cut sapphires. Generally, the clearer a sapphire, and the freer of inclusions, the more valuable it will be.

Origin and heat treatment will also impact the quality, value, and price of these sapphires. Until about 30 years ago, most pink sapphires came from east Africa, Myanmar, or Sri Lanka, with some of the highest quality examples coming from the latter. Today, however, many come from Madagascar.

Some pink stones undergo a “heating” process which helps to refine their clarity before the stones are sold. Raw stones that have not been heated may command a higher price; this is another thing to look out for.

Do Pink Sapphires Really Change Color?

The type of light to which you expose your sapphires can actually cause them to appear to change color.

Incandescent light and daylight, for instance, may cause sapphires to exhibit minor variations or shifts in color, making it appear as though they are changing. Under incandescent light, most pink sapphires will appear a slightly darker, almost more purple color; however, under daylight (which contains ultraviolet light) most sapphires will appear lighter, almost orange in tone.

This is because sapphires often contain fluorescent inclusions which glow with a different color when exposed to the UV spectrum in sunlight.

So, in essence, some sapphires actually can appear to change color!

Your Source for Exclusive Pink Sapphire Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, and More

Our pink sapphire necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings exhibit timeless elegance and unique designs that make beautiful, heartfelt gifts for all sorts of momentous occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and graduations.

Take a look through our collection and if you still have any questions about these mysterious, opulent variations on blue sapphires, feel free to get in touch with us directly at 818-812-9217.

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