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The Fireworks Bangle

In a dazzling tribute to innovation and artistry, 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the original Classic Diamond Fireworks Bangle, a piece that sparked a collection and transformed the jewelry industry.

Ten years ago, when baguette-cut diamonds were relegated to the shadows of safes everywhere, Suzanne Kalan saw their potential and brought new life into them. The Classic Diamond Fireworks Bangle, cleverly set in Kalan’s signature design, burst onto the scene with a mesmerizing sparkle that ignited a lasting global trend.

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Suzanne Kalan Classic Diamond Bangle in 18k yellow gold

"A timeless beauty that can be worn everyday."

Reflecting on the bangle’s journey, Kalan says, “Baguette diamonds offer an understated yet stunning sparkle that can catch the eye from any direction. I envisioned a diamond explosion, a piece that’s elegant yet fun, subtle yet a conversation starter, a timeless beauty that can be worn every day, yet stand out from across the room.”

The bangle’s impact went far beyond its sparkle. Kalan’s innovative use of the baguette shape inspired many designers, from the jewelry industry to the broader world of fashion. Her creativity has become a beacon, leading others to explore the beauty and potential of its distinctive shape.

"It's a Statement"

This unique piece did not just create ripples; it made waves. Paving the way for the now-iconic Classic Diamond Fireworks Collection, the bangle has inspired an entire line that includes tennis necklaces, tennis bracelets, and much more. Demonstrating its timeless allure, the collection remains a central highlight of the Suzanne Kalan brand, consistently captivating new admirers and maintaining its position as a beloved classic.

The Classic Diamond Fireworks Bangle is not merely a piece of jewelry; it is a statement, a philosophy, and a testament to Kalan’s forward-thinking creativity. This timeless bangle continues to captivate hearts and adorn wrists with its elegant design and undeniable charm.

Join us in celebrating a decade of timeless elegance, innovation, and beauty. The 10th anniversary of the Classic Diamond Fireworks Bangle is not just a milestone; it is a celebration of a legacy that continues to shine bright.

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