Our Services

Each case is unique and dependent on the severity of damage caused. In most cases, we will repair your piece of jewelry free of charge. This can include anything from replacing a damaged or missing gemstone (depending on the gemstone), to cleaning and polishing your piece making it look brand new again!

All we require from you is to pay for shipping. If the damage is so severe and a charge is required, we will approve it with you before we proceed.

If you would like to request a repair please contact us, click here.

Polishing your fine jewelry will restore the precious metal and bring to life the radiance to like new condition.

In an event that a gemstone was damaged or lost, we recommend a gemstone replacement service. Generally, we will replace common gemstones free of charge. On the other hand, some pieces have more rare or expensive gemstones in which there will be a charge for the gemstone. Some gemstones are one of a kind which cannot be replaced, but hopefully we can help you find something similar.

All the clasps on Kalan jewelry are made of either 14-karat or 18-karat gold. As gold is soft metal, it will naturally wear out over time. We recommend a clasp replacement when it is showing signs of wear or damage.

To resize fine jewelry properly requires great skill and knowledge. This service is available for certain rings and bracelets. We recommend to limit the number of times a piece is resized.

We also urge that you do not resize an eternity band with gemstones set all the way around the piece. Resizing this type of design will cause the gold setting, which is holding the gemstones in place, to expand. This expansion will create more problems down the line.

If you need help deciding on a size for yourself or someone special, please take a look at our sizing guide. If you are still unsure, please feel to contact us, click here.