Can I add an extension to my necklace chain? 

Yes – we can definitely adjust according to your requested length. However, please advise that if you would like your necklace to be longer than the description listed, there will be an additional charge added.

For every two inches (50.8mm) an additional $44 dollar charge for 14K pieces and an additional $60 dollar charge for 18K pieces (*Subject to change).

Please contact info@suzannekalan.com prior to placing your order so we can adjust your checkout accordingly.

Are your earrings sold separately or as a pair?

All of our earrings on our website are sold as a pair. If you need or would like a single pair of the earrings. Please contact info@suzannekalan.com and we will give you pricing for the single pair.   

I see that your ring sizes on the website list from size 5 to size 8 US. What if I want to order a smaller or larger size?

Please contact info@suzannekalan.com and we will be able to give you pricing on the ring(s) you would like to purchase for rings larger than size 8 US.

The prices vary for ring sizes larger than 8 due to the adjustments we have to make regarding adding gemstones, diamonds, and/or gold. We do not deduct prices for ring sizes smaller than 5 US.

Do you offer any discounts/sales on your products?

We do not offer any discounts on our pieces as we want to ensure that your purchase holds its value. Additionally, it would be unfair to others who have purchased our product at the original price.

Do you gift wrap your products before shipping?

Yes, absolutely. If it is a gift for someone special, you can provide their NAME and the OCCASION in the notes section as you are placing your order so we include a personalized note as well as wrap it beautifully for you.

I tried placing an order online through your website, but my payment did not go through. What do I do?

We have a 3rd party company who approves all charges. They do not provide us with personal details or the reason behind the charge not being approved. The following possibilities can be factors of why your payment method was declined:

  • The credit/debit card used may be new and never been used to purchase online before
  • The email address used may be new and never been used to purchase online before
  • The shipping and billing address locations are in two different countries/provinces

If that is the case, we always accept wire transfer if you live in or outside of the United States, and we also accept ACH transfers if you live in the United States. Please email info@suzannekalan.com for more info.

Do you charge taxes and duties if I am purchasing from outside of the United States?

  • We use a third party system that calculates all taxes and duties at checkout for international orders.